Programme Overview

  Auditorium (level -1, room JAAS04CC) Lecture Hall (level 2, room JAA205FR)
11:00-13:10h Satellite Workshop on New and Notable Biophysics
13:30-14:45h   SBE Executive Council Meeting
13:30-15:30h Registration
15:30-16:00h Welcome
16:00-16:45h Plenary Opening Lecture  
16:45-17:15h Coffee Break
17:15-19:15h Symposium 0 - Physical Biology  

Clarinet and piano concert (Sponsored by Small Biosystems Lab)

 20:30-21:30h Welcome Reception


  Auditorium (level -1, room JAAS04CC) Lecture Hall (level 2, room JAA205FR)
 09:00-11:50h Symposium 1 Symposium 2
  Protein structure, Dynamics and Function                                                Membrane structure and Function                                                               
  Sponsors presentations ( WYATT Technologies & Dynamic Biosensors)  
 10:10-10:40h  Coffee Break 
 12:00-12:15h  RSEF - SBE Plenary Lecture  
 13:00-15:00h  Lunch Break 
 15:00-18:00h  Symposium 3  Symposium 4
  Channels, Receptors and Transporters Cellular Biophysics
 17:00-17:30h  Coffee Break 
 18:15-19:00h LAFeBS Plenary Lecture
 19:00-20:00h Poster Party (Discussion of odd-numbered posters)
 20:00-20:30h  SBE General Assembly and Election Assembly


Auditorium (level -1, room JAAS04CC) Lecture Hall (level 2, room JAA205FR)
09:00-11:00h Symposium 5 Symposium 6
  Nucleic acids and Supramolecular Complexes Computational and System Biophysics
11:00-11:30h  Coffee Break
12:00-13:00h Poster party (Discussion of even-numbered posters)
13:00-15:00h Lunch Break

Awards Symposium


Coffee Break


Plenary Closing Lecture

19:00-19:30h Awards and Closing Ceremony
20:30h Bus Departure from Hotel Luz 
21:00-23:00h Congress Dinner in Benicassim (Club Palasiet Restaurant) 
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