At the turn of the century the first phases of a new plan were carried out, a plan designed to undertake an unprecedented expansion and improvement of the port infrastructure and which today is almost complete.  To begin with the port opened up to the town, El Grao de Castellón, by establishing a new leisure area, the ‘Plaza del Mar’ and the Azahar Port in the ‘Muelle de Costa’ (the Coast Quay) which included a wide offer of activities from a modern multi screen cinema to restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs, a children’s park, an exhibition area, underground car park and most recently a casino. At the same time the yacht club of Castellón was completely renovated and extended, and a new marina added with the opening of ‘Marina PortCastelló’. Together these innovations have attracted a great deal more attention both from tourists and local people and have opened up the way to the port becoming a destination for cruise ship operating in the Mediterranean.

The one hundredth anniversary of the port was the occasion for laying the foundation stone for the northern extension of the Port of Castellón. This project was finalized with the official inauguration of the Centenary Quay (Muelle del Centenario) in 2004, which 300,000 square meters of space inside the harbor for the creation of a terminal for loading and unloading general cargo equipped for the first time with container cranes. Thanks to an investment of 117 million euros, the port was able to provide the ceramics industry not only with a terminal for unloading and storing raw materials but also a terminal from which finished products could be exported directly to short and middle distance destinations.

Two years later, in 2006, the new dual carriageway access road, CS-22, was inaugurated. This new road connects the port to the main road network without the heavy traffic passing through the town thus solving a long-standing problem. New road and rail access projects to the southern part of the port are now under discussion so that within a few years the need to have the Port of Castellón properly connected to the main road and rail network can be fully and definitively satisfied.


30 Mayo 2017


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